FoodMarble Aire


Research / Industrial Design / Mechanical Engineering / Protoyping

About This Project

AIRE is a breath test device. Together with its app, it functions as a personal digestive tracker, which allows you to find the foods that are most compatible with your digestive system.

When food isn’t digested fully, a lot of it will turn into gas in the gut. Many people cannot efficiently handle this gas, so it builds up causing bloating, pain and even diarrhea or constipation.

It turns out though, you can measure how much of this gas is being generated. Gas that’s in the gut can seep into the bloodstream and upon reaching the lungs, it transfers to the breath.

The technology for doing this, called Hydrogen Breath Testing, is used in the top digestive health clinics and gastroenterology departments worldwide.

AIRE has adapted this technology, making it smaller, portable and more affordable for personal, everyday use.