About This Project

After years of using a binder clip as a wallet, we knew the concept could be taken further.The edwin wallet has no screws to fuss with, and no elastic bands to degrade over time. The answer is in the steel. The edwin wallet uses the inherent spring properties in spring steel to provide the security needed to keep your valuables in place. The edwin wallet comes in two varieties: the edwin classic, all the features that you’d ever want in a wallet (thin, lightweight, durable, segmented, RFID-blocking), and the edwin+, the same features as the classic plus a few emergency tool features and a bottle opener. Traditional billfold wallets tend to be bulky, like George Costanza’s wallet, and get overfilled. This steered us to money clips, which have problems of their own. With no organization and inconsistent clamping force, they are at best a marginal improvement over the billfold. Two-plate wallets with elastic bands have issues too, such as losing elasticity or even the bands themselves. As a result, we turned to the binder clip for salvation.