Our Story

ELIGO (Latin): "to choose"


Ideas are often born out of a struggle. Eligo is no exception. The struggle, in this case, was not a dire one necessarily, but it was mightily uncomfortable, happened more than once and has probably happened to you. We are talking about being out on what you knew was going to be an epic hike/ride/climb/etc, only to discover you vastly underestimated the quantity and quality of the hydration you needed to get through it effectively… like say, during an endless hike of the Grand Canyon that actually felt more like hiking the surface of the sun (obvious hydration issues there)… or maybe like when your brother gets overly ambitious with the Tahoe mountain bike ride he chose for your possibly (okay seriously) hung-over bachelor party group. Hydration nightmare. We almost lost a few on this one.


Nevertheless, these experiences, along with time spent racing and competing in a variety of sports and activities throughout life, got us thinking that maybe something was missing.



And then it happened.

After surviving a number of instances of serious dehydration, the all important question was posed. Why isn’t there a way to choose (on the fly), seamlessly, between plain water (because that’s what you should always start with) and an electrolyte enhanced performance water (because sometimes you need that to keep you from hitting the wall) without ruining the hydration pack reservoir by putting something other than water in it. Hmm… valid question, and one that we felt we could answer.


We founded Hive Design Inc. and we quickly started to flesh out potential ideas. We spent the next few years developing, scrapping, improving, and refining more iterations of the system than we care to count. But the one we landed on, the one you can now use is so user friendly, so simple in its practical application, that it now seems like it was the obvious answer from the start… But then again, where’s the struggle in that?


And so was born the Eligo smart hydration system. An amazing, possibly even elegant way, to choose between your specific hydration needs at any time and during any activity. You can choose it to enhance your recreation. You can choose it to dominate your competition. But either way, the choice is yours.