About us


We believe in building products around the user experience – Products for people like you, your family and friends. We design the types of products you can’t imagine living without, and even ones you’ve come to depend on for survival.

Hive was founded in 2012 by Shane Rogers and Brian Holm, both of whom share a background in medical and consumer products.  With decades of combined experience in product design and development, Hive brings to the table a bottomless toolbox of ideas, concepts, and solutions to tackle a variety of design challenges. Hive has a broad depth of fabrication experience and capabilities, from proof-of-concept models to full machine design and control services. With relationships both domestic and abroad, our team designs with scale in mind and can quickly adapt to your needs.


Shane Rogers

Creative Director

Brian Holm

Director of Engineering

Phillip Priolo

Industrial Design

Bryan Herrera


Brandon Inclan

Industrial Design

Will Tenney

Industrial Design